Satisfaction Guaranteed

Satisfaction Guaranteed may refer to:

  • Satisfaction Guaranteed (manga)
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed (short story)
  • "Satisfaction Guaranteed", a song by The Firm
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed, a 2004 compilation album by Teddy Pendergrass

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Famous quotes containing the words guaranteed and/or satisfaction:

    The mere fact of leaving ultimate social control in the hands of the people has not guaranteed that men will be able to conduct their lives as free men. Those societies where men know they are free are often democracies, but sometimes they have strong chiefs and kings. ... they have, however, one common characteristic: they are all alike in making certain freedoms common to all citizens, and inalienable.
    Ruth Benedict (1887–1948)

    Mannerism always wants to be finished and doesn’t enjoy the process. Genuine, truly great talent, however, finds its greatest satisfaction in the production.
    Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe (1749–1832)