Satake Corporation

Satake Corporation (株式会社サタケ?) based in Hiroshima, Japan, is a multinational company mainly focused in equipment for the processing and sorting of agricultural products such as rice, grains and beans. The corporation was founded in Japan by Riichi Satake in 1896. They have now expanded into plastics, acquiring an American company, Electronic Sorting Machines (ESM), that specializes in optical sorting equipment for nuts, plastics, vegetables, and seeds.

Three generations of Satake have received the prestigious Japanese Blue Ribbon award for advances in food processing.

Currently Satake Corp. is under the chairmanship of Toshiko Satake, granddaughter of Riichi Satake, and the fourth President of the company. In 2007 the company founded Satake International Bangkok Co., Ltd. They also have offices in the United Kingdom and Australia.

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