Sansa Fuze - Operation


The Sansa Fuze is compatible with Microsoft Windows, Linux and Mac OS X when USB mode is set to MSC as a drag and drop USB mass storage device. The player can also function as a Windows Media 10 and up device when USB mode is set to MTP. The Fuze's USB cable utilizes a proprietary connector that is also compatible with its predecessor, the e200 series, as well as the c200 series. It has a mechanical scroll wheel (as opposed to the touch sensor on an iPod). Also unlike an iPod, powering the device off cuts all power usage completely, rather than switching to a sleep mode that merely shuts down its visible operation. It has a MicroSDHC slot that can be used for standard media storage, and also for the proprietary Sansa services known as Slotradio and Slotmusic.

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