Sanofi-aventis International Bio GENEius Challenge - Judging


Projects are judged based on four main criteria:

Scientific Merit and Creativity - 20%

Relevance to biotechnology - 5%
Originality and creativity - 10%
Level of Science - 5%

Project Execution - 35%

Design - 10%
Skill levels demonstrated - 5%
Results: data collection and analysis - 10%
Validity of conclusion - 10%

Project Display - 15%

Project summary - 5%
Clarity and layout - 5%
Interest levels - 5%

Oral Presentation - 30%

Demonstration of scientific knowledge - 10%
Command of techniques and skills - 10%
Ability to explain and defend conclusions - 10%

The rules for the challenge have remained essentially constant since the first challenge, with only regulations about the transportation of United States participants to the challenge experiencing any major changes. Each project at a competition is generally judged twice by groups of four or five judges. The student or students give 10 minute presentations to each panel of judges, followed by five minutes of questioning from the panel. There can be a few hours between the two presentations, however, participants must submit a final written report on their research prior to the competition, which the judges read beforehand, so presentations do not generally change significantly during this time.

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