Sanofi-aventis International Bio GENEius Challenge - Eligibility


Any high-school student enrolled in a high-school science course is eligible to enter the contest. In the United States and Western Australia, entries must be individual, and only one project is allowed per student. In Canada, groups of two are allowed, and some provinces allow groups of up to four. Each project in the competition must research a topic in the field of biotechnology that the students claims is important and relevant, and adhere to the following criteria, to be eligible for the competition:

  • The content of the project must relate to biotechnology and its various applications.
  • The project must include an experiment that produces and analyzes data, to try to defend a conclusion.
  • The project cannot use any dangerous materials without supervision by someone qualified to handle said materials.
  • The project must comply with the International Science and Engineering Fair Guidelines.
  • The project must be invented and completed by the student, though he or she may receive help from teachers or mentors.

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