Sands of The Kalahari - Synopsis


The plot involves a disparate and desperate group of plane crash survivors thrust into a savage mountainous desert region somewhere within present-day Namibia. Brian O'Brien - played by Stuart Whitman - is a big game hunter and the best survivalist of the group. Shortly after his plane crashes, stranding its passengers, he risks his life by re-entering the burning wreck and recovering vital supplies, including a hunting rifle; however, O'Brien's motives are far from noble. Thinking his own chances will be improved by the absence of competition, he ruthlessly eliminates his fellow survivors, one by one, intending to leave only Grace Munkton (Susannah York) alive, an "Eve" for his "Adam."

In addition to O'Brien's treachery, the survivors are menaced by a troop of baboons inhabiting the area. Initially content to holler at the intruders from the distance, the animals gradually become more aggressive.

Before O'Brien is able to bring his dastardly plan to fruition, a fellow survivor he had driven off into the desert at gun point (presumably to die) returns with a rescue party. The remaining survivors make their escape in a helicopter. O'Brien, however, aware he will be prosecuted for murder if he returns to civilization, chooses to remain behind.

With O'Brien the sole human in their domain, the baboons become more belligerent. At first he is able to keep them at bay with his rifle. When he runs out of ammunition, O'Brien brazenly challenges the alpha male to a fight and succeeds in killing him with his bare hands. In the film's final shot the remaining baboons encircle the lone hunter and ominously amble towards him.

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