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San Roque Parish (Diocesan Shrine of Santa Marta)

B. Morcilla St. Poblacion, Pateros
Date of Erection: 1815
Date of Shrinehood: February 7, 2009
Vicariate: Vicariate of Saint Anne
Titular: St. Martha and St. Roch
Feast: July 29 (St. Martha), August 16 (St. Roch)
• 1949–1957 Msgr. Felix Sicat, HP †(Diocese of Malolos)
• 1957–1975 Msgr. Simeon Ginete, PC †(Archdiocese of Manila)
• 1976–1987 Msgr. Dalmacio "Menching" Eusebio Jr., PC (Archdiocese of Manila)
• 1987–1990 Fr. Alex Yap (Archdiocese of Manila)
• 1990–1995 Msgr. Manuel Sebastian, PC (Diocese of Parañaque)
• 1995–1997 Fr. Romerico "Omer" Prieto (Diocese of Cubao)
• 1997–2001 Msgr. Rolando "Rolly" Dela Cruz, PC (Archdiocese of Manila)
• 2001–2003 Msgr. Gerardo "Gerry" Santos, PC, Ed.D (Archdiocese of Manila)
• 2003–2007 Fr. Von Jose Vargas, MA
• 2007–2010 Fr. Orlando "Orly" Cantillon
• 2010 – present Fr. Roy M. Rosales, STL

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