Samuel Hieronymus Grimm - Life and Work

Life and Work

Grimm was born in Burgdorf, in Switzerland, and studied under Johann Ludwig Aberli in Bern. He then travelled in France until 1768 before moving to England. There he produced etchings, pen and ink drawings, and watercolours, but before his arrival he had already supplied the illustrations for Friedrich von Hagedorn's "Poetische Werke" which was published between 1769 and 1772.

Critics of his time remarked that Grimm was a "man of genius". He was adopted as a travelling companion of the Rev. Sir Richard Kaye who became Rector of Kirkby in Ashfield in 1765 - his role was to record "anything curious". In 1775 Grimm was known to be in Derbyshire and Staffordshire, and by 1778 was working in London.

Samuel died in Tavistock Street in London on 14 April 1794, and left his money to a niece in Switzerland. He was buried at St Paul's church in Covent Garden in a service taken by his erstwhile benefactor, the Rev. Sir Richard Kaye, Dean of Lincoln.

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