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Historic Paint Analysis - Sample Collection
... is performed under laboratory conditions samples are collected in the field for later analysis and can be collected by the analyst or by his client who then ships them to him ... There is virtually no possibility of the sample migrating from such an envelope ... If they are sent in an unsealed state the sample readily migrates from the envelope as the flap is inadequate to contain the contents ...
Marine Pharmacognosy - Sample Collection Technological Requirements
... Collecting marine samples can range from very simple and inexpensive to very complicated expensive ... Samples from near or on shores are readily accessible via beach combing, wading or snorkeling ... Sample collection from deep water can be completed via dredging however, this is a very invasive technique which destroys the local habitat, does not allow for repeated sampling ...
Stardust (spacecraft) - Mission Background - Spacecraft Design - Sample Collection
... in an aluminum grid and fitted into a Sample Return Capsule (SRC), which was to be released from the spacecraft as it passed Earth in 2006 ...

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    Only the history of free peoples is worth our attention; the history of men under a despotism is merely a collection of anecdotes.
    —S├ębastien-Roch Nicolas De Chamfort (1741–1794)

    As a rule they will refuse even to sample a foreign dish, they regard such things as garlic and olive oil with disgust, life is unliveable to them unless they have tea and puddings.
    George Orwell (1903–1950)