Sam Brown (activist) - National Student Association Spokesman During The CIA National Student Association Scandal

National Student Association Spokesman During The CIA National Student Association Scandal

In 1967, Ramparts magazine reported that the CIA had been using the National Student Organization (NSA) for intelligence gathering abroad. As revealed by the then president of the organization, Phil Sherburne, in a conversation with the organization's finance director, Michael Wood, the CIA had been funneling money to the organization through various charity fronts in exchange for covert cooperation from students in the NSA's international programs. As spokesman for the national NSA's national supervisory board at the time, Brown was particularly appalled by the predicament of members of the NSA's international programs: "The fantastic pressures these people were under were simply incomprehensible to me... The agony of these people who were trapped and were unable to break this relationship was awful." Brown said that the supervisory board had no knowledge of the CIA's involvement until it was reported, announced that the NSA would assist in any investigation of the CIA's role, and said "The United States Government owes an unconditional apology to the N.S.A. for using the N.S.A. in this duplicitous manner."

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