Salvia Repens

Salvia repens is a herbaceous perennial native to eastern South Africa, growing at elevations between 1,500-8,000 feet in open country and amongst shrubs. It has also adapted to grassland, grassy slopes, and shale banks. It was described and named by botanist George Bentham in 1833, with repens referring to the creeping rootstock.

Salvia repens is small and upright, reaching 2 feet, high with branched erect stems. The slender oblong leaves appear torn on the edges. The 1 foot inflorescence has spaced whorls of 6-8 flowers, which vary in color from purple or deep blue to white. The calyx and leaves have oil glands the give off an herblike fragrance when brushed. In cultivation it can spread rapidly and take over a large area.

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