Salvation Army Brass Band - Bandsmen/women


The players are, of course, essential to the existence of the band. Salvation Army musicians have some common characteristics. Almost all Salvation Army bands have standards such as those listed below.

  • The musician must be a member, in good standing, of a corps. In most cases, the individual must be enrolled as a soldier. Youth bands usually require that members attend a corps regularly and be of the proper age.
  • Most bands have some standards of musicianship. For example, a corps band may require that anyone wishing to join the band be able to play selected tunes from the Band Tune Book. Larger bands such as regional groups often have audition and/or invitation policies.
  • Salvationist musicians are volunteers. No monetary compensation is given for service in a band. Even composers and arrangers whose work is published in the various Salvation Army music publications are not generally compensated except for nominal amounts.

Some bands will have band reservists who are elderly players that have retired from the band. Reservists may play from time to time if needed.

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