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Pushyamitra, the first Maga-Brahmin established his empire in India and restored Modern Hinduism from Buddhists.

In modern times, Shakadwipi Brahman of Godda district in Uttar Pradesh established his kingdom at Ayodhya. The king of Ayodhya was shakadwipiya, their descendents still live in the castle of Ayodhya.

Modern History of Ayodhya begins with the Shakadwipi kings who reigned until the enactment of abolishment rule in 1955 that brought the dissolution of the Raja of Ayodhya. In the beginning of the 19th century one Sadasukh Pathak was appointed as the Zamindar of Ayodhya by the King of Delhi but when Nawab Mir Qasim of Bengal became the ruler of the area, his Zamindari was taken away and he along with his son Gopal Ram went to Amroha in the district of Basti, where they settled down in Nand Nagar.

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