Saint Shields

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Lee Wong - Teams - Season Two - Saint Shields
... The Saint Shields are a team of the beybladers ... in the American version) He was the first to appear, and is the leader of the Saint Shields ... shown some feelings for Max, though she usually turns him down because of her loyalty to the Saint Shields ...
Beyblade - Plot - Beyblade: V-Force
... The team has gone their separate ways, but Team Psykick and the Saint Shields, attack the Blade-breakers by trying to steal their bit-beasts for their ... The second half of season 2 deals with the truth of why the Saint Shields and Team Psykick are after their bit-beasts and about a rock that Max's mother found that contains bit-beasts, which is stolen by ... The Saint Shields' reason is because they wish to seal the bit-beasts in a rock because they fear that the bit-beasts could get out of control like they did in the past ...

Famous quotes containing the words shields and/or saint:

    No other man-made device since the shields and lances of the ancient knights fulfills a man’s ego like an automobile.
    Sir William Rootes (1894–1964)

    This is the fundamental idea of culture, insofar as it sets but one task for each of us: to further the production of the philosopher, of the artist, and of the saint within us and outside us, and thereby to work at the consummation of nature.
    Friedrich Nietzsche (1844–1900)