Sahel Paradise Whydah

The Sahel Paradise Whydah or Northern Paradise Whydah, Vidua orientalis, is a small songbird. It is a resident breeding bird in west Africa.

It has often been considered a subspecies of Eastern Paradise Whydah, Vidua paradisea, since both birds parasitise the Green-winged Pytilia, Pytilia melba, a common species of estrildid finch. However, the finch has two subspecies, nominate melba and citerior, which are sometimes treated as separate species. The ranges of these two taxa correspond well to those of V.paradisea and V. orientalis.

The Sahel Paradise Whydah does not destroy the host Green-winged Pytilia's egg, but its own eggs are added to those already present.

The diet of this species consists of seeds and grain.

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