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Automotive Electronics - Functional Safety Requirements
... minimize the risk of dangerous failures, safety related electronic systems have to be developed following the applicable product liability requirements ... generally applicable to electrical/electronic/programmable safety-related products, is only partially adequate for automotive-development requirements ... ISO/DIS 26262 describes the entire product life-cycle of safety related electrical/electronic systems for road vehicles ...
Advanced Boiling Water Reactor - Overview of The Design
... a high level of reliability and simplification for safety condition detection and response ... Separate redundant safety and non-safety related digital multiplexing buses allow for reliability and diversity of instrumentation and control ... Eighteen SORVs (safety overpressure relief valves), ten of which are part of the ADS (automatic depressurization system), ensure that RPV overpressure events are quickly mitigated, and that if necessary ...
Vermont Yankee Nuclear Power Plant - Cooling Water
... while the service water system cools both safety and non-safety related auxiliary components in both the nuclear and turbine sides of the plant and additionally removes decay heat from the reactor ... the cooling towers, cell B-1, can serve as an alternative heat sink for decay heat and the safety related components in the event the service water system or the ... Its neighboring cell, B-2, while it does not perform the safety function, is also built safety-rated to protect cell B-1 from damage in the event of a collapse of the ...

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    Perhaps it is nothingness which is real and our dream which is non-existent, but then we feel think that these musical phrases, and the notions related to the dream, are nothing too. We will die, but our hostages are the divine captives who will follow our chance. And death with them is somewhat less bitter, less inglorious, perhaps less probable.
    Marcel Proust (1871–1922)

    There is always safety in valor.
    Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803–1882)