Sacrament Meeting

Sacrament meeting is the weekly worship service held on Sunday in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS Church).

Sacrament meetings are held in individual wards or branches in the chapel of the meetinghouse. The bishop or branch president of the ward or branch presides, unless a higher authority is present. Anyone is invited to attend, whether they are a member of the church or not. Sacrament meetings are not held during stake or district conferences, or during the annual and semiannual General Conference of the LDS Church.

Attendees of sacrament meetings generally wear "Sunday formal" dress. Men wear suits and ties, and women wear modest dresses or skirts. Children are encouraged to attend, but when they become unruly, the parents generally escort them into the lobby.

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Sacrament Meeting - Significance
... Members of the LDS Church believe that the ordinance of the sacrament allows them to renew all of their covenants, such as the covenants they have made in baptism or the priesthood or ... bishop, priesthood holders may administer the sacrament to those who are homebound or otherwise cannot attend sacrament meeting ... A collection plate is not passed as part of sacrament meeting, or any other church service ...

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