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The Spanish hound is a scenthound with a great sense of smell; characteristically it is an old type of European hound with a cold nose style of hunting. It has a distinctively loud, booming howl. Hunters can know the different phases of the hunt by listening to the hound: as it hunts, its voice changes from a loud, long bay to choppy short barks, indicating it has found it's quarry. In far northern Spain, the call the short pattern of choppy barks the "latido" or "llatido".

In the South, the hound is primarily used in hunting rabbits, similar to the better known Basset Hound. Its favorite traditional method is to let the hare have a head start so the hound can work the trail until it catches up and wears its prey down, driving it into the path of the hunter.This kind of hunting is called "caza de la liebre a la vuelta" (coming back hare hunting).

In the mountains of Northern Spain, the Sabueso is very often used in wild boar hunting. Mostly this type of hunting is called "caza a traílla", where the dog leads the hunters on a leash. This type of hunting is very old and traditional, whose origin is lost in ancient times. This kind of hunting consists in looking for the wallowing location of the wild boar during the daylight with the help of a leashed scenthound. The hunter (called "montero") and the scenthound will track the boar until they know the resting location of the wild boar. When this location is sure (because hunter and scenthound have rounded the wood and there are not a boar track getting out the wood) some hunters with firearms wait rounding the wood and some scenthounds are unleashed on the track. They jump the boar and run it at least until the hunters can shoot it.

This hunting dog possess a marked independent character because it has been bred to hunt alone or with one or two more hounds, because of that this breed is not properly a packing breed. This hound is not a good pet. It needs lots of exercise and space, and it is unjustified not to allow what it loves to do: Hunting.

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