Russo-Persian Treaty of Friendship (1921)

Russo-Persian Treaty Of Friendship (1921)

The Russo-Persian Treaty of Friendship was signed on February 26, 1921 between representatives of Iran and the Soviet Russia. Based on the terms of the treaty, all previous agreements made between the signatories including the Treaty of Turkmenchay were canceled. Moreover, both the Soviet Russia and Iran were given full and equal shipping rights in the Caspian Sea along with the right to fly their respective national flags on their commercial vessels. Ratifications were exchanged in Teheran on February 26, 1922. It was registered in League of Nations Treaty Series on June 7, 1922. The original purpose of the treaty was to prevent White Russian counter-revolutionary forces who fled to Iran after the Bolshevik Revolution, from attacking the Soviets from Iranian territory. The Soviets however would use it to menace the Iranians for years to come.

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Russo-Persian Treaty Of Friendship (1921) - 1931 Annex
... The Shah of Persia demanded Soviet clarification of Articles 6 ... of the Treatyof Friendship In reply to your letter dated 20th day of Ghows, I have ... Powers animated by sentiments of mutual friendship ... I trust that, as you promised me in your letter, your Government and the Mejlis will ratify the Treatyin question as soon as possible ...

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