Russian Phonetics

Russian Phonetics

This article discusses the phonological system of standard Russian based on the Moscow dialect (unless otherwise noted). For discussion of other dialects, see Russian dialects. Most descriptions of Russian describe it as having five vowel phonemes, though there is some dispute over whether a sixth vowel, /ɨ/, is separate from /i/. Russian possesses 34 consonants, which can be divided into two sets:

  • hard (твёрдый ) or plain
  • soft (мягкий ) or palatalized

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Russian Phonetics - Historical Sound Changes
... See also History of the Russian language The modern phonological system of Russian is inherited from Common Slavonic, but underwent considerable innovation in the ... Like all Slavic languages, Old Russian was a language of open syllables ... However, by the time of the earliest records, Old Russian already showed characteristic divergences from Common Slavonic ...

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