Russian Government Censorship of Chechnya Coverage

Russian Government Censorship Of Chechnya Coverage

Since the start of the Second Chechen War in 1999, Russian federal authorities are alleged to have implemented a plan to use legal and extralegal methods to limit media access to the conflict region.

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Russian Government Censorship Of Chechnya Coverage - Beslan Hostage Crisis
... In several incidents reporters critical of the Russian government could not get to Beslan during the crisis ... several correspondents were detained in Beslan (including Russians Anna Gorbatova and Oksana Semyonova from Novye Izvestia, Madina Shavlokhova from Moskovskij ... who had been kept for fives days in the Russian pre-trial detention centers, had been poisoned with dangerous psychotropic drugs (like Politkovskaya, Lezhava passed out after being given a cup of tea) ...

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