Running Martingale

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Martingale (tack) - The Running Martingale and German Martingale
... The running martingale consists of a strap which is attached to the girth and passes between the horse's front legs before dividing into two pieces ... A running martingale is adjusted so that each of the "forks" has about an inch of slack when the horse holds its head in the normal position When correctly adjusted ... horse raises its head above the desired point, the running martingale adds leverage through the reins to the bit on the bars of the horse's mouth ...
Martingale (tack) - The Running Martingale and German Martingale - Safety and Risks
... A running martingale is generally used with rein stops, which are rubber or leather stops slipped onto the rein between the bit and the ring of the martingale ... They are an important safety feature that stops the martingale from sliding too far forward and getting caught on the bit ring or on the buckles or studs that attach the reins to the bit ... Sanctioning organizations require a running martingale to be used in conjunction with rein stops if the reins are buckled to the bit ...

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