Rugby Union in Cornwall - Cornish International and Touring Club Friendlies

Cornish International and Touring Club Friendlies

  • New Zealand 1905, 1924 (at Camborne RFC)
  • Australia 1908 (twice) - GB Olympic Silver medal (at Camborne RFC and White City Stadium)
  • South Africa 1906,1912 (at Redruth RFC)
  • Maoris 1926 (at Falmouth RFC)
  • Sélection française 1969 (at Clermont Ferrand)
  • France "B" 1970 (at Redruth RFC)
  • Comité de Rugby du Lyonnais 1971,1972 (at Vienne and Camborne RFC)
  • Romania 1972 (at Redruth RFC)
  • USA 1977 (Cornwall won 12-11) (at Camborne RFC)
  • Canada 1979 (at Redruth RFC)
  • South African Barbarians 1979,1993 (at Camborne RFC and Redruth RFC)
  • Japan 1986 (at Camborne RFC)
  • NZ Barbarians 1987 (at Redruth RFC)
  • Soviet Union (12 - 12) 1989 (at Redruth RFC)
  • Ulster 1991 (at Redruth RFC)
  • Ulster 1992 (at Belfast)
  • Crawshays RFC (at Camborne RFC)
  • Diok 1993(at Leiden, Netherlands)
  • Hilversum 1993 (at Hilversum)
  • Impalas 1993 (at Amersfoort)
  • Cork Constitution 1993 (at Redruth RFC)
  • Canterbury (NZ) 1994 (at Camborne RFC)

(Cornwall players have also represented Cornwall & Devon and South-West Division teams)

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