RQS is a three letter acronym that may stand for:

  • Rescue squadron, in the U.S. Air Force, (see search and rescue)
  • Request for Qualification Statements, in the U.S. Government, a part of the General Services Administration's purchasing process
  • the Directorate of Resource Quality Services, in the South African government, a part of the Department of Water Affairs and Forestry
  • The Remote Access Quarantine Agent (in rqs.exe) in the Windows Server 2003 operating system
  • Regional Qualifying Score in U.S. NCAA Women's Collegiate Gymnastics
  • Request Service, related to GPIB communication
See also
  • RQ (disambiguation)

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Air Rescue Service - Current Rescue & Guardian Angel Unit Designations - Regular Air Force
... AFB, Arizona The 347 RQG has one HC-130P/N squadron, the 71st Rescue Squadron (71 RQS), one HH-60G squadron, the 41 RQS, and one Guardian Angel ... The 563 RQG has one HC-130P/N squadron, the 79 RQS, two HH-60G squadrons, the 55 RQS at Davis-Monthan AFB, Arizona and the 66 RQS at Nellis AFB, Nevada, and two Guardian Angel ... In this instance, the 31 RQS (Pararescue) and 33 RQS (HH-60G) provide support throughout the Western Pacific region, while the 56 RQS provides support in Great Britain and Western Europe ...
Air Rescue Service - Current Rescue & Guardian Angel Unit Designations - Air Force Reserve Command and Air National Guard
... The wing's operational capability is centered around the 39 RQS (HC-130P/N), the 301 RQS (HH-60G) and the 308 RQS (Pararescue/Guardian Angel) at Patrick AFB, plus ... An additional squadron, the 304 RQS (Pararescue) at Portland International Airport Air Reserve Station, Oregon also flew the HH-60G as a GSU until its deactivation ... centered on a single composite-organized rescue squadron, the 102 RQS, merging HC-130P/N, HH-60G and Pararescue assets into a single squadron ...
129th Rescue Wing - Units
... Group (129 OG) 129th Rescue Squadron (129 RQS) (HH-60G) 130th Rescue Squadron (130 RQS) (MC-130P) 131st Rescue Squadron (131 RQS) 129th Maintenance Group (129 MXG) 129th Mission Support ...
Lockheed HC-130 - Operational History - U.S. Air Force Operations
... Units operating the aircraft include the 71st and 79th Rescue Squadrons (71 RQS, 79 RQS) in the US Air Force's Air Combat Command, the 102d Rescue ...