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Main Lines

In the Kingdom of Württemberg the state railway started with the so-called Württemberg main lines. They ran from Stuttgart, along the River Neckar, on one side via Ulm to Friedrichshafen on Lake Constance, on the other side via Bretten to Bruchsal in the Grand Duchy of Baden. From Bietigheim the Lower Neckar Railway (North Railway or Nordbahn) branched off toward Heilbronn.

Further information: Fils Valley Railway, Southern Railway (Württemberg), Württemberg Western Railway, and Franconia Railway
Dates opened
Date Start End
22 October 1845 Cannstatt Untertürkheim
7 November 1845 Untertürkheim Obertürkheim
20 November 1845 Obertürkheim Esslingen
15 October 1846 Cannstatt Ludwigsburg
14 December 1846 Esslingen Plochingen
11 October 1847 Plochingen Süßen
11 October 1847 Ludwigsburg Bietigheim
8 November 1847 Ravensburg Friedrichshafen
25 July 1848 Bietigheim Heilbronn
26 May 1849 Biberach Ravensburg
14 June 1849 Süßen Geislingen
1 June 1850 Biberach Ulm
29 June 1850 Geislingen Ulm
1 October 1853 Bietigheim Bretten
1 June 1854 Ulm Neu-Ulm

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