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Liegnitz Ritter-Akademie - Teachers and High-level Personnel
... at the knight academy 1788 Karl Abraham baron von Zedlitz (1731-1793), Royal Prussian minister of education and law (from 1770), was from 1788 to 1789 ... of Johannis pin 1910 Antonius Dietrich von Auer (1860-1923), Royal Prussian major, was around 1910 governor of the knight academy ...
Nicolaus Copernicus/Archive 1 - Life - Work
... – apart from brief journeys to Kraków and to nearby Prussian cities (Thorn, Danzig, Elbing, Graudenz, Malbork Marienburg, Königsberg (Królewiec) – he would live out the remaining 40 years of his life ... unit (the same as in the other parts of Royal Prussia) and treasury ... Copernicus accompanied Watzenrode to sessions of the Royal Prussian diet held at Malbork and Elbląg and, write Dobrzycki and Hajdukiewicz, "participated.. ...
Prussian State Railways
... The term Prussian state railways (German Preußische Staatseisenbahnen) encompasses those railway organisations that were owned or managed by the State of Prussia ... The official name of the Prussian rail network was Königlich Preußische Staatseisenbahnen (K.P.St.E ... "Royal Prussian State Railways") until 1896, Königlich Preußische und Großherzoglich Hessische Staatseisenbahn (K.P.u.G.H.St.E ...

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