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Cadet Instructor Cadre

The first authority for Cadet instructors to hold rank in the Militia was established by Special General Order Dec. 21, 1903. The appointment was 2nd Lieutenant and the officer was permitted to retain the rank only as long as he remained an instructor and the cadet corps remained efficient. On May 1, 1909 a cadre of commissioned officers, as a Corps of School Cadet Instructors was established. It was composed of qualified male school teachers. On May 1, 1921 the Corps was reorganized on Jan 1, 1924 and designated the Cadet Services of Canada. It was a component of the Canadian Army Non-Permanent Active Militia and the forerunner of the current Cadet Instructor Cadre. With the integration of the Canadian Forces in 1968, the officer cadre was designated as the Cadet Instructors List a sub-component of the Canadian Forces Reserve. In July 1994 it was renamed Cadet Instructor Cadre. In 2009 the reserve sub-component was renamed the Cadet Organization Administration and Training Service. It consists of the CIC Branch and other reserve officers and non-commissioned members.

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