Royal Australian Infantry Corps - School of Infantry

School of Infantry

Commanders of the School of Infantry

Years Served
School of Musketry, Randwick 1911–1921
Major F.B. Heritage 1911–1915
Captain G.F.C. Shipley 1915–1917
Captain W. MacLennan 1917
Captain R.G.C. Prisk 1918–1919
Captain C.F.C. Shipley 1919–1920
Lieutenant Colonel F.B. Heritage MVO 1920–1921
Small Arms School, Randwick 1921–1940
Major H. Ordish DSO OBE 1922–1926
Major H.C.H. Robertson DSO 1926–1930
Lieutenant Colonel J.J. McCall DSO 1930–1934
Lieutenant Colonel J.A. Chapman DSO 1934–1938
Major T.N. Gooch 1938–1940
Medium Machine Gun School, Randwick 1940–1942
Lieutenant Colonel R.G. Legge DSO MC 1940
Lieutenant Colonel E.W. Latchford MBE MC 1940–1941
Small Arms School, Bonegilla 1942–1945
Lieutenant Colonel E.W. Latchford MBE MC 1942–1945
School of Infantry, Puckapunyal 1944–1945
Lieutenant Colonel R.A. Wolfe-Murray DSO MC 1944–1945
Lieutenant Colonel H.W. Hilless 1945
School of Infantry, Bonegilla 1945–1946
Lieutenant Colonel E.W. Latchford MBE MC 1945–1946
School of Infantry, Seymour 1947–1960
Lieutenant Colonel E.W. Latchford MBE MC 1947–1948
Lieutenant Colonel D.R. Jackson DSO 1949
Lieutenant Colonel K.M. McKenzie OBE 1949–1952
Lieutenant Colonel F.G. Hassett DSO OBE 1952–1953
Lieutenant Colonel J.L.A. Kelly DSO 1953–1954
Lieutenant Colonel N.D. Maddern MBE 1954–1956
Major W.F. Roberson MBE 1956–1957
Lieutenant Colonel G.H. Fawcett OBE 1957–1959
Lieutenant Colonel N.R. McLeod OBE 1959–1960
Infantry Centre, Ingleburn 1960–1969
Lieutenant Colonel G.O. O'Day OBE 1960–1963
Lieutenant Colonel D.G. Sharp OBE 1963–1964
Lieutenant Colonel R.S. Garland MC 1965–1967
Lieutenant Colonel A.J. Milner OBE 1967–1969
Infantry Centre, Ingleburn 1969–1973
Colonel A.J. Milner OBE 1969–1971
Colonel E.H. Smoth DSO 1971–1973
Infantry Centre, Ingleburn 1969–1973
CO/Chief Instructor
Lieutenant Colonel R.R. Hannigan 1969–1970
Lieutenant Colonel R.L. Burnard 1971–1972
Lieutenant Colonel E.R. Philip 1972
Infantry Centre, Singleton 1973–1994
Colonel E.H. Smoth DSO 1973
Colonel C.M. Townsend DSO 1974–1976
Colonel J. Essex-Clark 1976–1979
Colonel J.P.A. Deighton MC 1979–1981
Colonel A.W. Hammett AM 1981–1984
Colonel P.M. McDougall 1984–1987
Colonel P.A. Sibree 1987–1989
Colonel P.J. Cosgrove AM MC 1989–1991
Colonel D.J. Mead 1991–1994
Infantry Centre, Singleton 1973–1994
CO/Chief Instructor
Lieutenant Colonel C.F. Thompson 1973–1974
Lieutenant Colonel M.P. Blake MC 1975–1976
Lieutenant Colonel R.F. Sutton MC 1977–1978
Lieutenant Colonel J.H. Taylor MC 1979–1980
Lieutenant Colonel R.E. Boxall 1981–1982
Lieutenant Colonel J.D. McAloney MC 1982–1984
Lieutenant Colonel D.A. Webster 1984–1986
Lieutenant Colonel A.J. Ralph 1987–1988
Lieutenant Colonel J.S. Murray 1988–1989
Lieutenant Colonel R.H. Greville 1990–1991
Lieutenant Colonel R.C. Brown 1992–1994
Infantry Centre, Singleton 1994–1999
Colonel R.J. Margette 1994–1996
Colonel D.S.M. Roche CSC 1992–1994
Infantry Centre, Singleton 1994–1999
CO/Chief Instructor
Lieutenant Colonel J.C. Dittmar 1994–1996
Lieutenant Colonel G.R.C. Pike 1997–1999
Dismounted Combat Division, Singleton 2000–2001
Lieutenant Colonel D.J. Butler 2000–2001
School of Infantry, Singleton 2001–Present
Lieutenant Colonel D.J. Butler 2001
Lieutenant Colonel P.T. Roney 2002–2003
Lieutenant Colonel W. Austin 2004–2005
Lieutenant Colonel D. Franklin 2005–2007
Lieutenant Colonel A. Egan 2008–2009
Lieutenant Colonel A. Lowe 2010–Present

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