Royal Audiencia

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Eugenio Espejo - Historical Background
... The Royal Audiencia of Quito (or Presidency of Quito) was established as part of the Spanish State by Philip II of Spain on August 29, 1563 ... The Royal Audiencia was created to strengthen administrative control over those territories and to rule the relations between whites and the natives ... By the 18th century, the Royal Audiencia of Quito began to have economic problems a lack of roads led to limited communications ...
May Revolution - Aftermath
... The Council of Regency, the Royal Audiencia of Buenos Aires and the peninsulars opposed the new situation ... The Royal Audiencia secretly swore allegiance to the Council of Regency a month later and sent communiqu├ęs to the other cities of the Viceroyalty, to request them to deny recognition to the new government ... assembled Cisneros and all the members of the Royal Audiencia on the pretext that their lives were in danger, and sent them into exile aboard the British ship Dart ...

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