Root Canal Therapy

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Tooth Abscess - Treatment
... If the tooth can be restored, root canal therapy can be performed ... Unless they are symptomatic, teeth treated with root canal therapy should be evaluated at 1- and 2-years intervals to rule out possible lesional enlargement and to ensure ... Abscesses may fail to heal for several reasons Cyst formation Inadequate root canal therapy Vertical root fractures Foreign material in the lesion Associated periodontal ...
Endodontic Therapy - Root Canal Treatment - Alternatives
... The alternatives to root canal therapy include no treatment, tooth extraction, or 3Mix-MP procedure ... that the tooth will be no longer restorable (root canal treatment will not be successful, often due to excessive loss of tooth structure) ... In December 2010, a study was published demonstrating a new alternative to root canal therapy in treating infected tooth pulps, 3Mix-MP procedure, through the local application of an ...

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