Rome: Total Realism

Rome: Total Realism (or RTR) is a complete modification pack for the computer game Rome: Total War, intended to rectify historical inaccuracies in the original game. The mod has been featured in several major gaming sites and magazines, such as PC Gamer (US), PC Gamer (UK), and GameSpot. Rome: Total Realism, being a mod for Rome: Total War v1.0/1.2, had an estimated 80,000 downloads on the first day after version 6.0 was released. It was followed by versions 6.1, 6.2, 6.3 and finally 6.0 Gold, a compilation of all the previous patches and additional features. The unofficial "Platinum" Edition is a port of 6.0 Gold for the newer RTW v1.5 / BI v1.6, with some bug-fixes for problems found in 6.0 Gold and some new content (2 new playable factions, 4 turns per year).

The RTR team is currently working on Rome: Total Realism VII : Grand Campaign, which uses the newer Barbarian Invasion (expansion to Rome: Total War) engine. The mod will further improve historical accuracy and introduce new game-play concepts. Several previews have been released on the RTR forum.

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