Romantic Realism

Romantic realism is an aesthetic term that usually refers to art which combines elements of both romanticism and realism. The terms "romanticism" and "realism" have been used in varied ways, and are sometimes seen as opposed to one another.

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... Pejman's style from the late 1980s onward can be characterized as Romantic Realism or Neo Romantic Realism, which is a style based on Classical Realism ... in the November 2004 issue, "Inspiration for his style, that likens to romantic realism, comes from the Hudson River School, the classic landscapes of Thomas Cole and Frederic ... It is the effect of beauty and solitude together that creates this romantic mood that Pejman wishes to offer collectors of his work." Pejman's style has been likened to theatrical set ...
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Famous quotes containing the words realism and/or romantic:

    Art is beauty, and every exposition of art, whether it be music, painting, or the drama, should be subservient to that one great end. As long as nature is a means to the attainment of beauty, so-called realism is necessary and permissable [sic], but it must be realism enhanced by idealism and uplifted by the spirit of an inner life or purpose.
    Julia Marlowe (1866–1950)

    It may be romantic to search for the salves of society’s ills in slow-moving rustic surroundings, or among innocent, unspoiled provincials, if such exist, but it is a waste of time.
    Jane Jacobs (b. 1916)