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Batzaria - Biography - Early Life and Activities
... The young man became a dedicated disciple of Romanian nationalist theorist Nicolae Iorga, who was inaugurating his lectures in History during Batzaria's first ... were not an isolated Balkan ethnicity, but part of larger Romanian ethnic community ... As he himself explained, "the Romanian people a unitary and indivisible body, regardless of the region wherein historical circumstances have settled it", and the "Macedonian Romanians" constituted "the most aloof ...
Romanian People's Salvation Cathedral
... The Cathedral for the Salvation of Romanian People (Romanian Catedrala Mântuirii Neamului Românesc) is a proposed Romanian Orthodox cathedral to be built in Bucharest ... People's Salvation Cathedral Romanian People's Salvation Cathedral Location Bucharest Country Romania Denomination Romanian Orthodox Website Official website Architecture Status Under Construction ... The current project explicitly displays architectural detail from all Romanian provinces and territories ...

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