Romanian Local Election, 2008 - Notable Partial Election

Notable Partial Election

The legislature of the local authorities is of four years, for all the local authorities. If a local elected official cannot serve its term (death, incompatibility or resignation), he (or she) is replaced. The members of the Local Councils and County Councils are replaced by the next person on the list elected. For the Mayors and Presidents of the County Councils, elected on a two-round system, and first past the post respectively, no later than 90 days from the vacancy of the post the Government must announce the day the early election is called. The election is not called if the vacancy occurs in the last six months of the term. The newly elected Mayors and Presidents of the County Councils serve the rest of the term. The ad interim Mayors and Presidents of the County Councils are one of the Deputy-Mayors (elected by the Local Council, if the settlement has more than one Deputy-Mayor), and one of the Vice President of the County Council, elected by the County Council.

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Romanian Local Election, 2008 - Notable Partial Election - Cluj-Napoca
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