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  • Generation 1 Hot Rod (1986)
A new mold released to coincide with the premiere of The Transformers: The Movie. This toy was designed by Takara's Takashi Kunihiro. Hot Rod is "C-78" in the Japanese line's collector numbering.
Reissued in 2000 to commemorate the 15th Anniversary of the Transformers brand in Japan along with Optimus Prime and Ultra Magnus.
Reissued as Rodimus Major as part of Hasbro's Commemorative Series I line in 2002.
  • Generation 1 Lucky Draw Hot Rodimus (1987)
A special gold chrome edition of Hot Rod was released by Takara to its staff.
  • Generation 1 Rodimus Prime (1986)
A new mold released alongside the new character toys introduced in The Transformers: The Movie. Transforms from futuristic truck to robot. Much like his predecessor Optimus Prime, Rodimus' trailer transforms into a mobile command center. Rodimus Prime is "C-77" in the Japanese line's collector numbering.
Reissued as part of Hasbro's Commemorative Series 7 in 2004, after an earlier Japanese reissue.
  • Generation 1 Kabaya Rodimus Convoy (1986)
A smaller version of the Rodimus Prime figure sold in candy boxes in supermarkets and convenience stores in Japan by Kabaya. The package came with the snap-together kit and candy. Once assembled, the figure transformed almost similarly to its larger counterpart.
  • Generation 1 Targetmaster Hot Rod (1987)
Came with a Nebulan Targetmaster Firebolt. Rodimus himself was retooled slightly to enlarge the holes on his fists and mounting hole on his car mode engine block to fit Firebolt.
Reissued in 2003 as part of Takara's Transformers Collection line of reissues. This version (#13 in the Collection series) was retooled from the 2000/2002 Rodimus Major tooling in order to make the fists and engine block hole wide enough to equip Firebolt. In addition, the original 2 guns had their posts modified so that a Targetmaster Hot Rod could still use them, if the owner chose to.
  • Generation 1 Star Convoy with Hot Rodimus (1991)
A Legends-sized (Micromaster) Rodimus figure came with Star Convoy (a resurrected and heavily upgraded version of Optimus Prime in the Japanese G1 toy line).
  • Mega SCF Hot Rodimus (2002)
A semi-poseable, non-transforming figure. It came with two sets of hands, two sets of heads, a rotary saw hand, a welding hand, and the Matrix.
  • Heroes of Cybertron Rodimus Prime (2003)
A semi-poseable, non-transforming figure that comes with a collector's card showing Rodimus' Tech Specs.
  • MyClone Transformers Rodimus Convoy (2003)
A poseable, non-transforming figure designed similarly to a Kubrick.
  • Classics Deluxe Rodimus (2006)
The all new 2006-2007 Classics line featured characters from the original series in updated forms. Hot Rod (now called Rodimus due to trademark reasons) was in the first wave of Autobots along with Optimus Prime and Bumblebee. Due to most of the Classics lacking visible Autobot and Decepticon insignias, this figure lacks the distinctive Autobot symbol seen on the chest of all other versions of Hot Rod/Rodimus, to which fan companies have responded to with alternative stickers. His vehicle mode is based on an obscure Japanese Supercar, the Dome Zero, manufactured by DOME Co. Ltd in 1978.
This toy was featured on page 19 of the book Transformers: The Fantasy, The Fun, The Future by Erin Brereton, published by Triumph Books.
Remolded in black as the evil version of Rodimus exclusively for BotCon 2008 as part of the Transformers: Timelines story Shattered Glass. The mold will also be used for the upcoming Transformers Collectors Club exclusive Side Burn figure.
  • Titanium 3-inch Rodimus (2006)
Rodimus received a new figure in the Transformers: Titanium line in 2006, as a 3-inch tall non-transforming toy.
  • Titanium 6-inch Rodimus Prime (2006)
A transformable die-cast figure of Rodimus Prime. Like all figures in the Titanium line, he comes with a display stand.
This figure was redecoed in black as Menasor and sold exclusively at the 2007 San Diego Comic-Con.
With the Japanese Binaltech toy series having transformed into the Kiss Players line, the second figure to be released as a Kiss Players character was Hot Rodimus. Based on the same Ford GT mold as Mirage, Hot Rodimus features several differences from Mirage. First, it has a unique head sculpt, which includes a movable crest to allow a "visor" to be lowered over his eyes, referencing a scene from the animated Transformers Movie during which Hot Rod is on Lookout Mountain. Additionally, it includes a fishing-rod accessory, which can be split and connected in a different configuration to create a tri-barreled arm weapon, reminiscent of Hot Rod's exhaust-pipe blasters. The figure also includes a PVC figurine named Syao Syao and a CD featuring a Kiss Players radio drama. The vehicle mode stays true to the Ford GT's factory color scheme, lacking Hot Rod's signature "flame" detailing, and, like Binaltech, is fully painted. Meanwhile, the robot mode reveals additional orange and yellow body parts, such as the chest, abdomen, arms and hands, as well as flame-like paint applications on the lower arms to link the figure with the original Hot Rod.
  • Alternators Rodimus (2007)
In April 2007, photos of a repainted Alternators Mirage, in a color scheme similar to Kiss Players Hot Rodimus, and in Alterators-style "fishbowl" packaging began to appear on the internet. Simply called Rodimus, the 27th Alternator lacks almost all of the Kiss Players accessories, including the fishing pole, but keeps the new head sculpt. This figure also sports the classic "flame" detailing in lieu of the Kiss Player's white stripes, while the vanity plate reads "TOO HOT". Rodimus was first sold as a convention exclusive at the 2007 San Diego Comic-Con. The Monday after the convention, it was made available on the Hasbro Toy Shop website, where it would sell out that same morning. The instructions present an alternate name for the figure: Rodimus Prime; whether this is merely an oversight is unknown.
  • Transformers 3D Battle-Card Game Hot Rod (2007)
Produced by Wizards of the Coast, wave 2 of their Transformers 3D Battle-Card Game included a Hot Rod card, who was a redeco of Autobot Jazz from wave 1.
  • Robot Heroes Generation 1 Rodimus vs. Insecticon (2007)
A non-poseable, non-transforming super-deformed figure aimed at younger children. Bundled with Insecticon.
  • Henkei! Henkei! C-05 Deluxe Hot Rodimus (2008)
The Japanese version of the Classics Deluxe figure by Takara Tomy sports darker colors and a gold chrome spoiler.
This mold was also used for the Decepticon Stunticon Wildrider in the Japan-exclusive Henkei! Gentei! toy line for CharaHobby 2008.
  • Revoltech Hot Rodimus (2008)
Produced as an action figure by the Japanese company Kaiyodo, the main selling point of the line is the 'Revolver' joint. This gives the figure a high degree of articulation, allowing for many dynamic and varied poses. Hot Rodimus is number 047 in the Yamaguchi series, and comes with extra sets of hands, a pair of pistols, an extra head (which is molded with his binocular vision, as seen in The Transformers: The Movie) and a display stand.
  • Universe Generation 1 Series Legends Rodimus (2009)
A Legends-sized figure with simple transformation.
  • Universe Challenge at Cybertron Deluxe Rodimus (2010)
An Asian market exclusive gift set featuring G1-accurate redecos of Classics Deluxe Rodimus, Universe Galvatron and Cyclonus with Nightstick. Rumors of the set being released in the U.S. as a Target exclusive were debunked by Hasbro.
  • Transformers Sons of Cybertron Deluxe Hot Rodimus (2010)
A translucent red remold of the Henkei Deluxe Hot Rodimus figure. Bundled with a translucent remold of Classics Deluxe Convoy (Optimus Prime) as a CharaHobby 2010 exclusive in Japan.
  • Masterpiece MP-09 Rodimus Convoy (2011)
The instruction manual for the MP-04S Convoy Sleep Version reveals a hidden message saying that Rodimus will be the next installment in the Masterpiece series. Concept sketches of the figure were released online on July 2010. The figure is a faithful modern recreation of the original G1 toy. Gimmicks include retractable binoculars, spinning saw blade and the Matrix of Leadership, but the figure's main feature is the ability to transform into both Hot Rod and Rodimus Prime. The transition between the two incarnations involves rotating the face, extending the legs and adjusting the spoiler on the back.
The Hong Kong release comes with a black display case with a windowed front and a reflective foil interior, along with a commemorative Rodimus Prime coin.
  • Reveal the Shield Battle in Space Deluxe Rodimus (2011)
This internationally-released gift set is similar to the Universe Challenge at Cybertron gift set, minus Galvatron and with the addition of a miniature Matrix of Leadership.
  • United Autobot Set Deluxe Clear Rodimus (2011)
An e-Hobby Japan exclusive clear blue remold of Classics Deluxe Rodimus. Part of the Autobot 3-pack with Kup and Scrapheap (a Wreck-Gar figure with a different head).
  • Masterpiece Rodimus Prime (2011)
A Toys "R" Us exclusive, the U.S. release of Masterpiece Rodimus Convoy by Hasbro does not come with the detachable trailer, but is offered with his Targetmaster partner Offshoot (renamed from Firebolt due to trademark issues) and a remold of Optimus Prime's Matrix of Leadership, which does not fit in his chest. Like the Takara Tomy version, a smaller Matrix that fits in his chest is included. While the Japanese version is based on the animation design, the Hasbro redeco bears a closer resemblance to the original G1 toy. Parts of the figure's legs have been re-engineered after owners of the Japanese version complained that the hinges of the leg armor easily broke off. Masterpiece Rodimus Prime was first offered at the 2011 San Diego Comic-Con International.
  • Masterpiece MP-09B Black Rodimus Convoy (not yet released)
An e-Hobby Japan exclusive black Decepticon redeco of the Masterpiece Rodimus Convoy figure with purple and teal flame highlights.

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