Rocket Forces and Artillery (Ukraine)

Rocket Forces And Artillery (Ukraine)

The Rocket Forces and Artillery (Ukrainian: Ракетні війська та артилерія, Raketni Viys’ka ta artyleriya) of the Ukrainian Ground Forces consist of units armed with tactical missiles, howitzers, cannons, mortars, jet-propelled and anti-tank artillery. They are tasked to destroy human resources, tanks, artillery, anti-tank weapons, aircraft, air defense and other important installations operations.

"On the eve of the professional holiday, the 19th rocket brigade, which is stationed in Khmelnytskyi city, conducted the main examination of the year - the final test for 2010-2011. All servicemen passed a final exams for professional, military and physical training. The history of the brigade began in 1943 at Stalingrad by establishing the 7th Artillery brigade of the Reserve of the Supreme Commander in Chief. During the Great Patriotic War 27 soldiers, sergeants and officers of the division were nominated for the award "Hero of the Soviet Union". After the declaration of Ukrainian independence and choice of the non-nuclear status, servicemen swore allegiance to people of Ukraine. In November 1997, the division gained a status of the brigade and till 2004 it was subordinated to the 1st rocket division of the land forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. For the last 8 years, the brigade is directly subordinated to the command of the land forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine whose divisions are armed with the first mobile high-precision rocket complex "Tochka" and is the only rocket military unit in the Armed Forces of Ukraine."

Previously the 1st Rocket Division was active at Khmelnytskyi, formed on the basis of the disbanding headquarters of the Soviet 43rd Rocket Army. It was seemingly formed in 1998. At least two brigades were part of the division, the 19th at Khmelnytskyi and the 107th at Kremenchug. The division was disbanded in 2004. (Vad777)

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