Robotech Armed Forces

The Robotech Armed Forces are the fictional military force depicted in Robotech.

After the events of The Macross Saga the Robotech Expeditionary Force is formed and leaves Earth to hunt for the Robotech Masters; returning during the 2030s and 2040s to battle the Invid.

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Robotech Armed Forces - Composition of The REF
2044 (at the Battle of Reflex Point), the Robotech Expeditionary Force's primary ships include the SDF-3 Pioneer, the SDF-4 Izumo, five Shimakaze- Class battlecruisers, 40+ Ikazuchi-class carriers, 200+ Garfish light ... The Robotech Prelude to the Shadow Chronicles comic series and the movie Robotech The Shadow Chronicles introduced the Shimakaze class (a battlecruiser slightly ...

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