Road Signs in Italy - Gallery - Prohibition Signs

Prohibition Signs

  • Restricted vehicular access

  • No entry for vehicular traffic

  • No overtaking

  • No overtaking by heavy goods vehicles

  • Maximum speed 50 km/h

  • No bicycles

  • No motorcycles

  • No pedestrians

  • No motor vehicles

  • No motor vehicles whose mass is greater than 3.5 t

  • No buses

  • No tractors

  • No handcarts

  • No animal-drawn vehicles

  • No vehicles carrying dangerous goods

  • No vehicles carrying explosives or flammable goods

  • No vehicles carrying goods which could pollute water

  • Minimum distance

  • Maximum weight in tons

  • Axle weight limit in tons

  • No vehicles over height shown

  • No vehicles over width shown

  • No vehicles over length shown

  • No use of horns

  • Derestriction

  • End of maximum speed

  • End of no overtaking

  • End of no overtaking by heavy goods vehicles

  • No parking

  • No stopping

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