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New York State Route 78 - Route Description - Niagara County
... After crossing Tonawanda Creek, NY 78 and Transit Road enter the town of Lockport as a four-lane boulevard ... terminus of CR 117 and the eastern terminus of CR 60 (both North Tonawanda Creek Road), NY 78 and Transit Road continue north as the four-lane commercial boulevard ... a boulevard through wide fields for a distance, passing runway 28 of North Buffalo Suburban Airport ...

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    The North American system only wants to consider the positive aspects of reality. Men and women are subjected from childhood to an inexorable process of adaptation; certain principles, contained in brief formulas are endlessly repeated by the press, the radio, the churches, and the schools, and by those kindly, sinister beings, the North American mothers and wives. A person imprisoned by these schemes is like a plant in a flowerpot too small for it: he cannot grow or mature.
    Octavio Paz (b. 1914)

    The only road to the highest stations in this country is that of the law.
    William Jones (1746–1794)

    If we view our children as stupid, naughty, disturbed, or guilty of their misdeeds, they will learn to behold themselves as foolish, faulty, or shameful specimens of humanity. They will regard us as judges from whom they wish to hide, and they will interpret everything we say as further proof of their unworthiness. If we view them as innocent, or at least merely ignorant, they will gain understanding from their experiences, and they will continue to regard us as wise partners.
    Polly Berrien Berends (20th century)