Rimpa School

Rimpa School

Rinpa (琳派, Rinpa?), is one of the major historical schools of Japanese painting. It was created in 17th century Kyoto by Hon'ami Kōetsu (1558–1637) and Tawaraya Sōtatsu (d. c.1643). Roughly fifty years later, the style was consolidated by brothers Ogata Kōrin (1658–1716) and Ogata Kenzan (1663–1743).

The term "Rinpa" is an abbreviation consisting of the last syllable from "Kōrin" with the word for school (派, ha?) (with rendaku changing this to "pa"), coined in the Meiji period. Previously, the style was referred to variously as the Kōetsu school (光悦派, Kōetsu-ha?), or Kōetsu-Kōrin school (光悦光琳派, Kōetsu-Kōrin-ha?), or the Sōtatsu-Kōrin school (宗達光琳派, Sōtatsu-Kōrin-ha?).

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... Kōetsu 1558–1637 Painter, co-founder of the Rimpa school Tawaraya Sōtatsu d. 1643 Painter, co-founder of the Rimpa school Ogata Kōrin 1657–1716 Painter and lacquerer, major figure in the Rimpa school Ogata Kenzan 1663–1743 ...

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