Rigid Panel

Rigid Panel

Rigid panel insulation is made from fibrous materials (fiberglass, rock and slag wool) or from plastic foam. They are sometimes sold in sections designed to fit tightly in standard wall cavities. When sold this way, they are called "batts", and they come in different thicknesses to match the depth of wall cavities, for example, approx. 5½ inches to match a 2 x 6 inch wall cavity.

Where rigid panels are most often used:

  • Some, such as EPS "beadboard", are suitable for ground contact and are used against footings and exterior backfilled foundation walls.
  • Against exterior exposed foundation walls (should be coated to protect from sunlight).
  • Against exterior walls between foundation and roof, installed between sheathing and siding.
  • Either under or on top of the roof sheathing.
  • Inside unfinished interior walls, either as pre-cut batts, or as panels cut to fit inside walls and secured in place.
  • Where space is limited and you need to pack great insulating capacity into a small space.

Important note #1: If you insulate the foundation with rigid panels, but you stop using rigid panels where the siding begins, then you should install flashing in between the bottom course of siding and the top edge of the rigid panels, to prevent water from seeping behind the panels.

Important note #2: When insulating the exterior foundation, you should install the rigid panels in two staggered layers, and fill the gaps at the seams with spray foam, to keep moisture from penetrating from the outside. However, when insulating between the sheathing and siding, you should leave slight gaps between the rigid panels to allow moisture to escape from the exterior side of the sheathing.

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