Ridge Lift

Ridge lift (or 'slope lift') is created when a wind strikes an obstacle, usually a mountain ridge or cliff, that is large and steep enough to deflect the wind upward.

If the wind is strong enough, the ridge lift provides enough upward force for gliders, hang gliders, paragliders and birds to stay airborne for long periods or travel great distances by 'slope soaring'. Although unpowered aircraft are usually descending through the air, they will climb if the surrounding air is rising faster than their sink rates. Model glider enthusiasts refer to this technique as "slope gliding" or "sloping".

Orville Wright used ridge lift setting a duration record of 11 minutes in 1911. However the sport of soaring started in Germany after the First World War. In 1921 Dr. Wolfgang Klemperer broke the Wright Brothers 1911 soaring duration record with a flight of 13 minutes. In 1922 Arthur Martens became the first glider pilot to use an updraft rising along a mountain slope to stay aloft for a lengthy period with a flight over an hour.

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