Rideau Canal - Waterway


Rideau Canal map
Ottawa River
Rideau Falls
Sussex Drive
1-8Ottawa 0.0
Plaza Bridge, Rideau Street
Mackenzie King Bridge
Laurier Avenue Bridge
Corktown Footbridge
Highway 417
Pretoria Bridge
Bank Street Bridge
Bronson Avenue
Dow's Lake
9-10Hartwells 6.7
11-12 Hog's Back, Hog's Back Falls8.4
Hog's Back Bridge
Rideau River
Mooney's Bay
13Black Rapids 15.0
14-16Long Island 23.3
Long Island
Highway 416
17Burritts Rapids 64.0
Burritts Rapids
18Lower Nicholsons 69.4
19Upper Nicholsons 69.7
Upper Nicholsons
20Clowes 70.5
21-23Merrickville 73.8
County Road 43
24Kilmarnock 86.7
25Edmonds 92.7
26-27Old Slys 95.4
Old Slys
Highway 15
Rideau Canal Museum
29aSmiths Falls Combined 96.8
(formerly Locks 28-30)
Abbot St
31Smiths Falls Detached 97.4
32Poonamalie 101.1
Lower Rideau Lake
Tay Canal 107.5
33Lower Beveridges
34Upper Beveridges
Big Rideau Lake
Colonel By Island 126.8
35Narrows 132.4
The Narrows
Upper Rideau Lake
Rideau River ¦ Cataraqui River
County Road 42
36Newboro Lock 140.8
Newboro Lake
Ferry - cable 146.0
37Chaffeys 148.7
Opinicon Lake
38Davis 152.0
Sand Lake
39-42Jones Falls 159.0
Whitefish Lake
Brass Point
Cranberry Lake
43-44Upper Brewers 176.5
Lower Brewers
45Lower Brewers 179.3
Kingston Mills
46-49Kingston Mills 195.2
Highway 401
La Salle Causeway - Highway 2
Lake Ontario

The 202 kilometres (126 mi) of the Rideau Canal incorporate sections of the Rideau and Cataraqui rivers, as well as several lakes, including the Lower, Upper and Big Rideau lakes. About 19 km (12 mi) of the route is man-made. Communities along the waterway include Ottawa, Manotick, Kars, Burritts Rapids, Merrickville, Smiths Falls, Rideau Ferry, Portland, Westport, Newboro, Seeleys Bay and Kingston. Communities connected by navigable waterways to the Rideau Canal include Kemptville and Perth.

Today, only pleasure craft make use of the Rideau Canal. Boat tours of the canal are offered in Ottawa, Kingston, Merrickville, and Chaffeys Lock. There is a cruise line that operates the ship Kawartha Voyageur, Recreational boaters can make use of it to travel between Ottawa and Kingston. Most of the locks are still hand-operated. There are a total of 45 locks at 23 stations along the canal, plus two locks (locks 33 and 34) at the entrance to the Tay Canal (leading to Perth).

In 1973–74 a new Smiths Falls Combined Lock, 29a, was built a few dozen metres to the north of the original flight of 3 locks (locks 28–30). The original locks were bypassed but left in place.

In normal operations the canal can handle boats up to 27.4 m (90 ft) in length, 7.9 m (26 ft) in width, and 6.7 m (22 ft) in height with a draft of up to 1.5 m (4 ft 11 in) (boats drafting over 1.2 m (3 ft 11 in) are asked to contact the Rideau Canal Office of Parks Canada prior to their trip). In special circumstances a boat up to 33.5 m (110 ft) in length by 9.1 m (30 ft) in width can be handled.

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