Rick Hunter

Rick Hunter, voiced by veteran voice actor Tony Oliver, is one of the fictional characters in the Robotech anime television series. He begins the series as a naive and headstrong nineteen-year-old civilian pilot, having flown for his father "Pops" Hunter's world-class flying circus. Yet by the end of the series, he matures into a well-respected, experienced, and visionary military commander.

Rick originally shares his father's pacifist view of war, until the alien race known as the Zentraedi attack the Earth. Rick then spends the series struggling to reconcile his personal feelings with the realities of war, and the need to confront the incredible alien threat.

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T. R. Edwards - Fictional Character Biography - Robotech II: The Sentinels
... While Rick Hunter had been able to rescue Lisa Hayes from the wreckage of the base, he had not searched for any other survivors, and Edwards's fury at being ... To achieve this end, he first seeks to take oust Rick Hunter, now an Admiral, from power, first attempting to ruin his wedding to Lisa Hayes, then ... Edwards initially refuses any aid, until Rick Hunter proposes leaving the SDF-3 himself to join them on their quest ...
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... to survive this operation, but she is rescued by Rick Hunter, whom she still regards as immature and brash ... The rescue earns Rick a medal and he is promoted to Group leader, much to the initial dislike of Lisa ... her physical, as well as emotional, strength when she, along with Rick Hunter and Ben Dixon, are captured by the enemy Zentraedi and interrogated by Supreme Commander Dolza, Breetai and Exedore ...

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