Richie Rosenberg - "LaBamba"


From an interview by Patrick Jones:

"I had an Afro and a Fu Manchu at the time. Everybody from Asbury Park was given a nickname: Jukes (Southside Johnny), The Boss (Springsteen), and Miami (Steven Van Zandt). The roadie said, 'We have to come up with a nickname to call this guy. He looks Spanish.' I'm Jewish, not Spanish," he now laughs. "But Bruce got up on the bar there and started shouting, 'Give me an L; give me an A; give me a B.' He christened me, you know. And I kept the nickname."

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... such as, "I love you too, sir" or "It's nice of my dad for coming." Making fun of LaBamba - Conan sometimes looks over toward band member Richie "LaBamba" Rosenberg when there is a homosexual or unsavory ... LaBamba usually reacts by staring back at Conan with a bemused, disappointed, or "deflated" look on his face and/or shaking his head ... Conan usually proceeds to explain that LaBamba would not be surprised by the reference if he would just attend the rehearsal ...
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