Rhodesian Front

The Rhodesian Front (RF) was a political party in Rhodesia (or Southern Rhodesia) when the country was under white minority rule. Led first by Winston Field, and, from 1964, by Ian Smith, the Rhodesian Front was the successor to the Dominion Party, which was the main opposition party in Southern Rhodesia during the Federation period. The RF was formed in March 1962 by whites opposed to any immediate change to black majority rule. It won power in the general election that December. In successive elections (in which 50 of the 66 parliamentary seats were reserved for whites only) between 1964 and 1979, the RF was returned to office, with a large majority, with Smith as Prime Minister.

The RF had fifteen founding principles, which included the preservation of each racial group's right to maintain its own identity, the preservation of 'proper standards' through a policy of advancement through merit, the maintenance of the Land Apportionment Act, which formalized the racial imbalance in the ownership and distribution of land, opposition to compulsory racial integration, job protection for white workers, and maintenance of the government's right to provide separate amenities for different races.

Following the elections leading to the country's independence in 1980, as the Republic of Zimbabwe, the RF won all 20 parliamentary seats reserved for whites. On June 6, 1981, the party changed its name to the Republican Front, and on July 21, 1984 it became the Conservative Alliance of Zimbabwe. Eleven of its twenty parliamentarians defected over the following four years, but the party again won 15 of the 20 parliamentary seats reserved for whites in the 1985 election. In 1986, the CAZ opened its membership to Zimbabweans of all races. In 1987 the ruling government abolished all reserved seats for whites. When these were abolished many white MPs became independents or joined the ruling ZANU party.

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... The Rhodesia general election of July 30, 1974 saw the Rhodesian Front of Ian Smith re-elected, once more winning every one of the 50 seats reserved to white voters ... opposition party, had been formed by ex-Rhodesian Front MP Allan Savory in 1972 ... which he was reported as saying that if he had been a black Rhodesian, he would be a terrorist ...
Winston Field
... Winston Joseph Field MBE (1904–1969) was a Rhodesian politician ... Field was a former Dominion Party MP who founded the Rhodesian Front political party with Ian Douglas Smith ... in Mashonaland East, Field was President of the powerful Rhodesian Tobacco Association from 1938 to 1940, when he left for military service during the Second World War ...
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... In May 1965 the Rhodesian Front government went to the country in a general election with van der Byl one of the leading campaigners ... Van der Byl argued that only a small fraction of Rhodesian business opposed it however, his campaign speeches typically included an argument against business involvement in politics ... The Rhodesian Front won a landslide victory, winning every single one of the 50 constituencies which had predominantly European voters ...
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... The Rhodesian Action Party was a political party in Rhodesia formed in 1977 by a group of Rhodesian Front MPs who were dissatisfied by the leadership of Ian Smith and his attempts to negotiate an 'internal ... The defections did not end the Rhodesian Front majority in the Assembly but did deprive it of the two-thirds majority which was needed to amend the constitution and Smith ... President of the Party was Ina Antoinette Bursey (previously Rhodesian Front MP for Sinoia-Umvukwes in the 1965 general election) (D.O.B ...
History Of Rhodesia - 1965 To 1972
... The Rhodesian Front held power from 1962 until 1979, forming the majority in a parliament, in which 50 of the 66 seats were reserved for the white minority of the country) ... elite, the professional class and from second or third generation Rhodesians ... In May 1965, the Rhodesian Front Party again won the general election ...

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