Rework can refer to:

  • Rework (electronics), the process of removing a component from a printed circuit board and then re-soldering it back on
  • Rework, a step in the Fagan Inspection process
  • Reworked fossil, a fossil that lies in another stratum than the one they were originally deposited in
  • ReWorked, a remix album by RuPaul
  • REWORK, a book by 37signals

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... Professional and high quality rework re-establishes the correct function of the electronic assembly ... of the control panel is just marginal affected by the correct accomplishment of the rework value chain ... aerospace and other high power electronics, as well as their service providers take advantage of rework ...
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... by using soldering irons (for some connections), or using a non-contact rework system ... In most cases a rework system is the better choice because SMD work with a soldering iron requires considerable skill, and in many cases is not feasible at all ... However, a whole new level of rework arises when component failure is discovered too late, and perhaps unnoticed until the end user of the device being manufactured experiences it ...
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