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List Of The Venture Bros. Episodes - Season 4: 2009–2010
... But tonight his ultimate plan of revenge goes into action ... Hatred having to storm his former hometown of Malice to rescue his charges 44 ... "The Revenge Society" Doc Hammer November 15, 2009 4–41 The Guild of Calamitous Intent comes under attack by an insane ... up with Professor Impossible to seek revenge once more 50 ... "Every Which Way But Zeus" Doc Hammer September 26, 2010 4–51 Somebody has been kidnapping the world's super-scientists and super-villains and ...
Monstroso - Archvillains and Henchmen - The Revenge Society
... is Phantom Limb, who initially created the society as his "team" to obtain the ORB for use against the Guild however, this version of the Revenge Society was merely Phantom Limb himself along with a coffee mug ... Guild custody later on, Phantom Limb teamed up with Richard Impossible to found the current Revenge Society, which has since had quick success in the field of villainy (though there are ...
Monstroso - Archvillains and Henchmen - The Revenge Society - Members
... He later returns in "The Revenge Society" with the name Revenge ... in Guild custody, he escaped and founded a new incarnation of the Revenge Society the first recruits of his new organization are a now-villainous Professor Impossible and Baron Ünderbheit ... Venture's Boy's Brigade) to gain revenge on the Guild, and in the end, forming a new Guild with Phantom Limb, and becoming a supervillain ...

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    I shall not want Society in Heaven,
    Lucretia Borgia shall be my Bride;
    Her anecdotes will be more amusing
    Than Pipit’s experience could provide.
    —T.S. (Thomas Stearns)

    Science in England, in America, is jealous of theory, hates the name of love and moral purpose. There’s revenge for this humanity. What manner of man does science make? The boy is not attracted. He says, I do not wish to be such a kind of man as my professor is.
    Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803–1882)