Restored Apostolic Mission Church - Introduction: Short History and Schisms

Introduction: Short History and Schisms

The Restored Apostolic Mission Church (HAZK) placed great emphasis on the fourfold ministry of apostles, prophets, evangelists and pastors (according to Ephesians 4:11). According to the official church-doctrine, apostles are placed 'first' (compare 1 Corinthians 12:28) and as the only ministry authorised to ordain ministers and to 'seal' members (comparable with the Catholic confirmation). Following the sealing the spiritual gifts became evident in the apostolic congregations, among which the gift of prophecy.

In 1897 the current New Apostolic Church (in those days still called the Hersteld Apostolische Zendinggemeente in de Eenheid der Apostelen (Restored Apostolic Mission Congregation in the Unity of the Apostles)) tore itself away from the HAZK. Here among other things the office of chief-apostle was introduced. (compare "I am the vine, you are the branches." - John 15:5) The New Apostolic Church in turn produced in 1951, amongst others, the Apostolisch Genootschap (Apostolic Society).

In 1931 the Haarlem HAZK-congregation in the Jacobijnenstraat cut itself loose and continued on as Hersteld Apostolische Zendinggemeente (Restored Apostolic Mission Congregation). Some of the underlying reasons were the Haarlem point of view on the 'equality of the ministries' and strife over the doctrinal opinions around Christ.

In 1969 again a schism took place in the Restored Apostolic Mission Church under the leadership of the Amsterdam prophet H.M. van Bemmel, who had already for years opposed the apostolic supervision both verbally and in writing. He therefore also rejected the apostolic prophesying of J. van der Poorten, who in 1968 was called and ordained to the office of apostle. This prophesying called for the restoration of the original apostolic order. It turned into an insurrection against the lawful apostolic supervision, where vB and two other schismatic prophets during a last discussion with the practically complete apostolate on 29 November 1969 rejected the Old Testament as a guideline of faith and doctrine, unless the NT explicitly referred to it. However, the separatists, who are sometimes called 'Bemmelians' after their leader, maintained the old name HAZK, so now there were two church-societies with this name.

In the second half of 1970 a second group of prophets set itself up and on 14 October 1970 at Arnhem had themselves separated as 'the Elijah of this time' and who in roughly a year brought the HAZK to ruin by their prophesying. J. van der Poorten, who had already distanced himself before, laid down his ministry on Good Friday 1971, while confessing that the schism of 1863 was already unlawful. At Easter he was restored on prophetic direction to the office of apostle, but now at the re-established altar of the Catholic Apostolic Church. He was followed by a majority of the congregations of Amsterdam, Enkhuizen, a part of Utrecht and the congregation in Sydney. Since then there is in fact nothing left of the original HAZK.

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