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The Schism of 1969

In March 1968 the number of apostles was augmented by three to a number of seven, wherefore the expectation that a revival was imminent seemed justified. Something happened, however, that no one had expected. The apostle Jacob van der Poorten (vdp), recently called for England (tribe Reuben), was moved to prophesying grave penance, in which the HAZK was called upon to return to the original apostolic order. It led to a fierce hurricane which in a short time brought the little hazk-ship to its doom. The deeper cause of this drama was the late apostle Van Bemmel's contempt for the spiritual law of Schwartz on overseer-ministries, instead of which he had introduced the unwise one-man-rule of the apostle. This understandably had led to opposition, not only of the Verkruisens, but also of others, among whom the Amsterdam prophet H.M. of Bemmel (vB). They again, however, made the mistake to violate the biblical order by stripping the office of apostle of its authority and to assign the church rule to a general counsel of priests. Already from the beginning of the commission of apostle Ossebaar, vB had tried to undermine the former's authority and when the apostolate had forbidden a communion-blessing favoured by vB and had forcefully prescribed the consecration form of the mother-church, his aversion towards the apostolate had grown into a bitter feud. The nucleus of the forbidden blessing read: 'We bless this bread into the sacramental body and this wine into the sacramental blood of our Lord Jesus Christ,' etc. As vB had expressly declared in word and writing, his main purpose was the use of the words blessing into, wherefore it had the meaning that the priest made bread and wine into (sacramental) flesh and blood. By the rejection of these consecration-words he was so embittered, that he had considered separating himself. He even asserted that because of the abolishing of his communion-blessing the HAZK was under the judgement and was punished with satanic prophesying.

Already an opponent of apostolic authority, vB turned very quickly against the apostolic prophesying of vdp, asserting that it was a violation of the office of prophet. When vdp in early 1969 was moved to prophesy callings for the diaconal ministry, vB called for resistance: deacons should be chosen by the congregation, wherefore prophesied callings were un-biblical. Moreover, according to him, only prophets were authorised to prophesy callings. He neglected to mention that shortly before he had rejected the restoring of sub-deacons and had prevented a proposed diaconal election. When on Pentecost 1969 vdp was moved to prophesy the callings for the disappeared ministries of elder and angel, everything came to a head. vB and a number of supporters accused him that he, under devilish influence violated the 'spiritual law of Schwartz' and sought to restore the ordinances of the mother-church that Schwartz would have abolished. In reality it was vB himself who did not want anything to do with those old ordinances, while he knew very well from a book written about the mother-church by vdp that the latter was rather critical of her ordinances.

It soon became apparent that the 'Bemmelian' party were aiming for a split, with which vB had his own intentions. During tumultuous meetings they were completely uncooperative. Although it was shown with documents that the apostolic prophesying was in full accordance with Holy Scriptures and the spiritual law of Schwartz, they closed their ears and cried that they were not concerned with whatever evidence. Because in the apostolic prophesying reference was often made to the Old Testament and the mosaic tabernacle, they cried unashamedly to be unconcerned with this either and they said the same of the Epistle to the Hebrews and the Revelation, where there is spoken with such emphasis about the tabernacle. It was remarkable that up to the split there was not an incident of counter-prophesying. On the contrary, many, amongst whom their later prophets Hobé and Grimmelius, were often moved to prophesy impressive confirmations.

During the 'robbers-meeting' of September 1969, the rebellious party carried out her intentions. With an air of importance the Haarlem pastor Rijnders, father of the current leader of the 'Bemmelians' put the following ultimatum to apostle Ossebaar: the prophesying of vdp had to be rejected as satanic and he as well as the other apostles called for the countries abroad should leave the country. With increasing indignation the meeting had heard the malicious man, not knowing what the rebels were planning to do. When with the concurrence of the majority of the meeting Ossebaar rejected the ultimatum, the trouble-makers stood up and left the meeting cursing.

At the insistence of the wavering ministry of Arnhem as yet an attempt was made in November to heal the split. At the beginning of that meeting of only apostles and prophets, where also the schismatic prophets vB, CB and Sch. were present, Ossebaar proposed to take Holy Scripture as the basis of the discussions. vB replied that he only wished to speak about 'the doctrine of the beginning,' which he understood as: 'Everything that is written in the N.T. and absolutely nothing more,' with which his two followers concurred. Then something shocking happened. Immediately after their Marcionitic rejection of the Old Testament, their own prophet CB was moved to contradict vB by prophesying that the entire Holy Scriptures contains the testimony of God. They would not be corrected, however, and continued to absolutely reject 'that there are matters that could be derived from the O.T. that were not explicitly written in the N.T.' Everyone knew that especially vB was lying, who with the exception of feast days, used to preach exclusively from the O.T., while his prophesying was similarly permeated with Old Testament figures. But because the acceptance of all Bible books would mean that he would have to acknowledge the apostolic prophesying of vdp as biblical, he preferred this awful denial. Thus the schism had become definite. The congregations led by the rebels of Haarlem, Utrecht, Amersfoort and Wageningen put themselves under the leadership of vB, who were joined by some members of Amsterdam and Den Haag. Then it also became apparent what had always been vB's purpose: at his command his communion-blessing was restored in the schismatic congregations. This company kept on calling itself HAZK, for which Ossebaar's enemy of years, J. Schaap was appointed as 'apostle' by mouth of vB.

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